About Robin Souter

A lifelong interest in art, partially dormant during my surgical career, has burgeoned Over the last 15 years. I am now fully retired from my profession and have much more time to develop my art.
I took up my appointment as a consultant general surgeon in Milton Keynes in 1983 and helped to set up the department in a "green field" site hospital. My particular areas of interest then were vascular and malignant disease and latterly the treatment of breast disease and the management of short stay surgery, in particular abdominal herniae.

Over the last ten years with great help and encouragement from my friend Graham Morgan I understand the craft of painting slightly better and as any artist will acknowledge, "I wish I had known this 40 years ago"! There is so much wisdom available which sometimes can be unintentionally counter-productive and block creativity.
It's never too late and some of my work now gives me great pleasure.

Recently I held a joint exhibition with Joe Little at the Westbury art centre in Milton Keynes. This was a great success, we both enjoyed the experience and between us we sold 25 paintings. We would love to hold another exhibition in 2017 - watch this space!

I have previously exhibited in the Bedford Street gallery in Woburn and also "Woburn art beat 2012" and in the AIM gallery in Milton Keynes - now sadly closed.

I won the "Artists and Illustrators" magazine prize for a small painting depicting the Jubilee year at the Art in Action event in Waterperry 2012.

I have long been inspired by the example set by E John Robinson and more recently by Roy Lang.

Most of my seascapes are based on the coastline of the Algarve, but also Norfolk, Wales and the Outer Hebrides. Wave forms hold particular fascination.

I have worked ina variety of studio spaces with Art Central Milton Keynes and spent 9 months in the unique Westbury Art Centre in Milton Keynes. This is a charming 15th century farm house in some need of loving care and restoration. Both of these venues have been very helpful to me, in particular by providing a space and a place to meet other visual artists.

I hope that you like the website. Don't hesitate to get in touch with questions/suggestions or whatever!